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 Subject : Custom Tool or Logic within AGOL App?.. 10/12/2022 12:59:33 PM 
Marianne Cardwell
Posts: 27
Hi everyone,

I have a scenario where the organization only has AGOL but wants a web app that includes some custom functionality, like a custom widget. I'm not sure yet whether we would use the web app builder or experience builder. Does anyone know whether it's possible to do that without ArcGIS Enterprise? If a custom widget is not possible, are there ways to include some custom JS code or anything similar to do that?


 Subject : Re:Custom Tool or Logic within AGOL App?.. 10/12/2022 01:28:56 PM 
Angela Gibson
Posts: 1
Hi Marianne,

Web AppBuilder allows for the creation of custom widgets and doesn't require ArcGIS Enterprise. You don't need ArcGIS Enterprise for Experience Builder either, and it looks as though it allows for even more customization...although I haven't had a reason to use it yet.

 Subject : Re:Custom Tool or Logic within AGOL App?.. 10/14/2022 10:42:57 AM 
Danielle Lafever
Posts: 4
My understanding is the same as Angie's: depending on what functionality you are talking about, Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder do not require Enterprise. I will say, Experience Builder seems to lack intuitiveness is efforts to make it more versatile, based on the experience (no pun intended) I have with it thus far.

 Subject : Re:Custom Tool or Logic within AGOL App?.. 12/08/2022 08:36:07 AM 
Marianne Cardwell
Posts: 27
Thank you both for your thoughts! I ended up being able to use Portal for ArcGIS so I could publish a custom geoprocessing service. I'm still trying to get that to work correctly within a geoprocessing tool in a Web App, but I think I'm close.
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