Interdisciplinary Supervisory Cartographer/Geographer/Computer Scientist (NGTOC)

Posted: September 23, 2020

Some of the specific duties include:

  • Serves as a consultant and advisor to the Bureau Director, Regional Directors, Department of the Interior Executives, and representatives of the Executive and Legislative Branches on issues relating to geospatial data integration, acquisition, cartographic production, data standards, geospatial information science research, and hosting geospatial data and applications.
  • Represents the USGS in discussions and deliberations regarding geospatial science and technology inter-program coordination and cooperative activities, and collaborative efforts with other agencies.
  • Responsible for planning, coordinating, executing, and managing operations associated with a national geospatial program. Services conducted in support of this program include geospatial data acquisition, quality assurance, and integration; management of national level geospatial foundation databases; contract management; data standards and specification development, software applications and tools development and maintenance; derived cartographic product and service development and production; data archive and data, product, and service dissemination, and geospatial information science research.

Interested applicants can find further details at Merit or All Citizens