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Indy GIS User Group
Thursday, June 10, 2021, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM EDT
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IndyGIS User Group




June 10h, 2021


LOCATION: WebEx    TIME: 8:30 a.m.


1)        Introductions and Participant Project Updates

2)       Business


a)       2021 – IndyGIS MOU.

i)        Updated MOU circulated with members with all the written changes incorporated as discussed and agreed by the group.


3)       ISA – IndyGIS:


a)       2020 Fall Flight – Standard 3” GSD

(a)    Data is available for enterprise consumption - GISIM.

(b)    Work is in progress for map-services and application inclusion.

(c)     SID’s in preparation for distribution.


b)      2021 Spring Flight – Standard 3” GSD.

(a)    Initial flight and Touch-Up Re-flights (4/3); complete.

(b)    Vendor internal QA/QC for flight completion check.  


c)       Planimetrics - 2020

(a)    Available for download from Open Data Portal - # planimetrics .


d)      MapIndy – Flex suite of applications upgrade:

i)        Phase I – Complete

(1)     Phase I – MapIndy suite of application upgrade – Deployed 12/26.

(i)      Bug fixes and Enhancements – Couple rolls outs.  

(ii)     Help content and remaining bug/fix are in works.

ii)       Phase II – GIS Hub – Planned for 2021.

iii)     ESRI – Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) as tech stack.  

(1)     Switched to Experience Builder.


e)      OpenIndy Data Portal – http://data.indy.gov/


4)      Discussion Topics:


a)       Open discussion – IGIC conference?


5)       Other Business and Announcements:


a)    ESRI USer Conference – July 12th – 15th virtual; registration is now open - https://www.esri.com/en-us/about/events/uc/registration


Contact: [email protected]