IndianaMap News - Layer Additions and Updates

We have just added four GIS layers onto the map viewer, showing the 2020 Indiana Data Harvest Program layers (parcels, street centerlines, address points, and administrative govt. boundaries). These data are maintained by county agencies in Indiana, and were harvested by Polis and the Indiana Geographic Information Office (IGIO) as part of the 2020 Indiana Data Harvest Program. The program also involves many other personnel from the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC), Indiana Geographic Information Office (IGIO), Polis, Indiana Geological and Water Survey (IGWS) and participating Indiana counties to provide the most accurate framework data (including address points, street centerlines, land parcels, and governmental boundaries) for the citizens of Indiana.


If you are a frequent user of these data, please visit the Layer Gallery to download data and metadata for each of the layers:

Click here to launch the map viewer with these four layers already visible

Chris Dintaman
Geologist/GIS Specialist
[email protected]