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Old National Events Plaza
715 Locust St, Evansville

It has been said that uncertainty precludes prediction but demands preparation. Unquestionably, the last two years have reminded us that while change is constant, it is also full of uncertainty. And yet our constituents and our organizations expect us, the GIS leaders in Indiana, to be prepared for the present as well as the future. How can we do this?

We start by revitalizing our vision for GIS within our organization and around our state, and by reviving our commitment to work together to find solutions using a geographic perspective.

We find strength by reconnecting with our GIS colleagues and thought leaders around the state and around the country and by learning from others as we share our successes with them.

We re-engage our internal and external, formal and informal leaders across the state to help them understand that we are all better positioned to address Hoosier challenges using GIS tools, data, and technologies.

Please join us!