About the IGIC Board

IGIC is a nonprofit membership organization of GIS users, professionals and educators administered by an elected board of directors and support staff. IGIC’s objectives is to support GIS across Indiana through our IndianaMap initiatives for the development of geospatial data standards, building partnerships, dissemination of data and data products, and providing education and outreach. The IGIC Board also makes formal (legislated) recommendations to the State of Indiana’s Geographic Information Office through an annual data integration plan that addresses framework data layers in areas including data standards, policy, funding, distribution and stewardship of these data.

Board Membership

The board is comprised of members representing the statewide GIS user community representing the following sectors:

County Government (2)
Municipal Government (2)
State Government (3)
Federal Government (1)
Nonprofit (1)
Commercial GIS Service Provider (1)
Regional GIS At Large (5)
Surveyors (2)
Universities (1)
Regional Planning Commission (1)
Utilities (1)
Critical Infrastructure (1)
At Large (Any Sector or None) (2)

As noted in IGIC’s by-laws, additional board members may be considered. Midterm vacancies are filled at the board’s discretion. Board membership is through a nomination and/or self-nomination process followed by a vote of the general membership. No rotating board member shall serve more than two consecutive terms unless that seat is uncontested. Members do not receive compensation for regular board activities.

2021-22 Board of Directors

State Government

Caleb Slocum, First Term (2024)
Indiana Family Social Services Administration, (317) 910-3303, Email

Waiting on Appointee
Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs

Waiting on Appointee
Governor's Office


County Government

Joan Keene, 1st Vice President, First Term (2022)
Hamilton County, (317) 776-8254, Email

Steve Hook, Treasurer* (Rural), Third Term (2023)
Noble County, (260) 636-1293 x5201, Email


Municipal Government

Michelle Kyrou (Large), First Term (2022)
City of Fort Wayne, (260) 427-2645, Email

Rob Mendel (Rural), First Term (2023)
City of Huntingburg, (812) 683-2211, Email


Federal Government



Avram Primack, First Term (2022)
Indiana University, Email

Bharath Ganesh-Babu, First Term (2022)
Valparaiso University, (219) 464-6984, Email

Matt Johnson, Appointed
Indiana University, (812) 855-6446, Email


Regional Members At Large

Kari Hicks, Past President, (Southeast), Second Term (2024)Regional GIS Map
Duke Energy, (513) 458-3809, Email

Greg Grabner (Southwest), Second Term (2024)
Frontier Geospatial, (812) 573-0001, Email

Bill Holder (Northeast), Second Term (2022)
Kosciusko County, (574) 372-2485, Email

Dan Niksch (Northwest), Third Term (2023)
City of Crown Point, (219) 662-3242, Email

Tom Maggard, (Central), First Term (2022)
Banning Engineering, (317) 707-3742, Email


Regional Planning Commission

James Rinehart, First Term (2023)
Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, (317) 327-5108, Email

GIS Service Provider

Kent Park, Second Term (2022)
Woolpert, (317) 281-2092, Email


Bob Neary, Second Term (2023)
The Nature Conservancy, (317) 829-3809, Email



Derek Elliott , Second Term (2024)
Citizens Energy Group, (317) 927-4696, Email


Critical Infrastructure

Marianne Cardwell, President, Second Term (2024)
The Polis Center at IUPUI, (317) 274-2455, Email

Shane Burnham, First Term (2022)
Carmel Engineering Department, (317) 571-2459, Email


Bryan Catlin, Appointed
Marion County Surveyor's Office, (317) 327-4150, Email

Ken Hedge, Appointed
Boone County, (765) 483-4444, Email

Members At Large

Trohn Enright-Randolph, Second Vice President, Second Term (2024)
Monroe County Surveyor’s Office, (812) 349-2570, Email

James Sparks, First Term (2022)
The Polis Center at IUPUI, (317) 278-2433, Email

Jeff Motz, Secretary, Second Term (2024)
Indiana Department of Transportation, (317) 234-1184, Email